Last Update:  Thursday, April 9, 2020

Common Mistakes in Online Dating Profile Creation

Below are five of the most common mistakes or ways that people get themselves into trouble in terms of how they create their online dating profiles. We list them here to make you aware of them as you create your own dating profile.

Too Much Information
Listing every possible activity of interest is a mistake many online daters make. This overwhelms potential partners and can obscure the information that can attract the right partner. List one or two activities; keep your profile short and to the point. Just hit the highlights - don't tell your life store.

Some people, in an attempt to emphasize their profile or make a point in a later email contact, make the mistake of capitalizing much or all of what they type. This is usually a turn-off because it tends to make people feel they are being SCREAMED AT ALL THE TIME! Don't use this tactic to get attention. It will likely get you a negative response.

Talking About Past Relationships
This is a red flag to m any people because it can indicate that you are not ready for any kind of relationship. After all, if you have two minutes of someone's time, why waste it talking about someone else? Focus on yourself and your interests. You can always get into past further into the relationship if there is a reason to.

Being Very Negative
People who are very negative and cynical are no fun to be around. A lot of negativity in a profile is a turn-off to potential readers. Try to see the glass as half-full when you are writing your dating profile. Focus on the positive and you are more likely to have positive results. Persons who are very negative often find themselves the victim of one negative experience after another.

Moving Too Fast (Marry Me)
Moving too fast feels desperate and frightens people away. Proposing after a few chats or saying "I love you" after a few dates are red flags that come up a bit later in the relationship. Donít make these mistakes. Take it slowly.