Last Update:  Thursday, April 9, 2020

Online Dating Etiquette

There are rules of etiquette in online dating that must be adhered to. There are accepted ways to contact and respond to others to maintain the dignity and privacy of each person. Becoming aware of these expectations can keep you from breaking them and unintentionally offending someone.

Making Contact
Prevent yourself from unintentionally offending someone. You can only benefit from treating others with respect and following the rules of engagement.

The Wink
Many online dating sites have cute ways to let someone with a posted profile know that you would like to communicate with them. This feature is called "wink" in many dating sites. It is how you let them know you are interested. The ball is then in their court to respond if they so choose. Take time to read through the instructions on the dating service so you learn what to look for from a potential partner.

The Response
As soon as your profile is listed online, you may be contacted by potential dates. You will want to check your mailbox regularly so that you can respond promptly when you are winked at or contacted by someone online. There are a couple of simple basic relationship techniques you will want to remember in considering your response.

First of all, be honest. If you are asked a question, give an honest answer. If you are not comfortable answering the question, just say so. Be impeccable with your word. A relationship based on a lie is doomed to either fail or make both of you miserable.

Secondly, be safe. Do not give out any personal information until you are reasonably certain the relationship will continue. Do not share your telephone number or home address or place of employment with a contact until you have spent some time communicating online with this person and have found him trustworthy.

Gut reaction is important here. Attend to it and do not share information that could hurt you to give out until you feel you know the person and can trust him with the information.

Do not use your main home email address for your dating email. Set up another account to be used strictly for your online dating. This protects your billing, bank account, and other important information from being confused or contaminated with dating account.

Ask and Answer Questions
There is no such thing as a stupid question. Ask as many questions as you are inquisitive about. Satisfy your curiosity about this person. All of this information helps you to get to know the person. It is part of what makes the relationship happen.