Last Update:  Thursday, April 9, 2020

Creating Online Dating Profile

The most important thing about an online dating profile is marketing. When a company has a product to sell, it takes great pains to present it to the public in its best light so it will attract the greatest number of buyers. They are not being deceitful or dishonest, just pointing out the attributes of the product and what it can do for consumers. Think of your profile on dating service the same way.

You are attempting to attract a partner or partners. Give yourself some time to think about the following questions before writing or inputting your profile information:

a) What positive qualities do you have to offer a companion? Do you have a good sense of humor? Are you a caring person? Are you reliable, someone a person can count on? Are you fun to be with? What have friends and former partners told you about yourself (the good things)? Jut some of these down while you are thinking; then move on to the next question.

b) Think about the qualities someone else might be looking for in a partner. Some common characteristics might be someone who is faithful, loyal, empathic, caring, loving, fun to be with, a good listener, and physically active. No one will fit all of these characteristics, but do you fit some of them? Add them to your list.

Can you think of other qualities? Read over some of the profiles of potential partners. Jot down some of the things they say they are looking for. Do you fit any of these characteristics? Add them to your list. No one will fit all of them so donít expect that you will.

c) What do you want in a relationship? Are you looking to meet a number of people to just have fun and casual relationships with? Or are you looking for something more serious? Does the person you are looking have to love golf or cocker spaniels or be a practicing Catholic? If these types of things are very important to you, put them in your profile.

You now have the meet of your ad. All that is left is to clean it up and make it a bit more presentable. You have things well thought out and your dating profile is prepared before you go to post it online.